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Why You Should Use a Mobile Auto Electrician

We understand that your vehicle is important to you. Without your vehicle, you might not be able to work, take the kids to school, or complete the daily tasks you must do. That’s why should you have any auto electrical needs, you should utilise the services of a mobile auto electrician, offering greater convenience, and service and saving you money. Keep reading to see how!

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Battery Broken

Top 5 Auto Electrical Faults in Automotives

Here at Chamberlain’s Auto Electrics, we pride ourselves on ensuring we get our customers’ vehicles on the road as soon as possible. However, you may occasionally experience vehicle electrical problems while driving or even in your driveway. That is why we have compiled a handy list below of some common auto electrical faults, and how you can diagnose them early, allowing us to ensure your vehicle stays on the road. A Dead Battery Your car’s battery is vital for the operation of your vehicle and is the biggest auto electrical fault with vehicles. If your car’s battery is faulty you will be unable to start your vehicle. The biggest sign that your car’s battery is not working is that your

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Car Engine

4 Signs Your Car Battery Needs an Auto Electrician

Car batteries don’t typically have the same lifespan as a vehicle and often need to be replaced or repaired. Here are some of the main reasons your car battery or truck battery needs the expertise of Chamberlain’s Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning. Old or Outdated Batteries All automotive batteries have a finite lifespan, after which they begin to degrade and no will longer hold a charge as well as they once did. Every automotive battery will fail at some point and this usually occurs while the vehicle is still operating well. Many batteries also fail before reaching their life expectancy for different reasons and should be replaced. Chamberlains Auto Electricians can determine the age and potential life span of your

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Why Call a Mobile Auto Electrician?

Each day hundreds of Western Australians suffer from an unexpected vehicle breakdown, whether it be while out and about or at home. It makes sense as, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the average age of vehicles registered in Australia has now increased to 10.6 years old [1]. Breakdowns can occur for a number of reasons for example due to flat/faulty batteries, damaged/malfunctioning alternators, fatigued starters, blown electrical fuses, failed spark plugs, fuel issues and a host of other issues. At Chamberlain’s Auto Electrics, we understand just how much of a hassle it can be when you have an issue with your car’s electronics which is keeping you from going from A to B. Then there’s also the

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Tips to Prevent Alternator Problems in Winter

Winter is notoriously taxing for your vehicle’s charging system. Perhaps you’ve noticed the telltale signs of a problem: dimming headlights, a difficult start, or that “click, click, click” with no start at all. Batteries receive the most attention of the charging components, but what about the less talked about parts of the system? What cold weather alternator issues should you be aware of this winter? It takes battery power to start your car, but once you’re moving, the engine drives the alternator via a belt and pulley system. The alternator, in turn, keeps the battery charged by supplying it with regulated current. Alternators are mini generators that produce an alternating current (AC) current that must be converted to direct current

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Notice

The health and safety of our staff and customers is very important to us. Therefore, Chamberlain Auto Electrics is closely following advice from authorities regarding how we should deal with COVID-19. We request all customers who have come into contact with friends, family or others who have travelled to China, Iran, South Korea or Italy in the last 14 days to not attend Chamberlain Auto Electrics for at least 14 days. If you have travelled internationally in the last 14 days we strongly recommend you monitor your symptoms closely and consider avoiding our staff for at least 14 days. Also in keeping a safe, healthy environment for all our staff and customers we ask you to please reschedule or delay

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Car stuck on the side of the road

Pre-holiday Auto Electrical Checklist

This blog emphasises the importance of getting your car’s electrical system checked before a big trip and why it should only be done by a professional.

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