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Top 5 Auto Electrical Faults in Automotives

Here at Chamberlain’s Auto Electrics, we pride ourselves on ensuring we get our customers’ vehicles on the road as soon as possible. However, you may occasionally experience vehicle electrical problems while driving or even in your driveway. That is why we have compiled a handy list below of some common auto electrical faults, and how you can diagnose them early, allowing us to ensure your vehicle stays on the road.

A Dead Battery

Your car’s battery is vital for the operation of your vehicle and is the biggest auto electrical fault with vehicles. If your car’s battery is faulty you will be unable to start your vehicle. The biggest sign that your car’s battery is not working is that your engine will be unable to turn over when you turn your key. 

There could be a variety of reasons for this. The battery could be dead, or the battery was unable to recharge. It could be you left your lights on or the door open draining the battery overnight. Sometimes a jump start will get your battery working again if it’s just flat. However, if the battery is dead completely it will need replacing

A Bad Alternator

Your car’s battery could be failing due to your automotive’s alternator malfunctioning preventing the battery from recharging. Your vehicle’s alternator can be found near your front engine and produces the AC power necessary to keep your car’s electrical components and battery running whilst the vehicle is on. 

Apart from a dead battery, another common sign of alternator trouble is your car losing power causing lights to flicker on the dashboard of your vehicle. Other signs of a faulty alternator are strange noises coming from the hood of your car, or unpleasant smells due to the alternator overheating. The alternator can be repaired, or may need replacing. This can be determined through the use of diagnostic tools

Faulty Starter Motor

Your Automotives starter motor is responsible for giving the vehicle the crank it requires to start. If your starter motor is faulty you may be unable to start your car, leaving you stranded. 

That’s why is crucial to get your starter motor fixed as soon as you notice any issues. The main sign that you might have a faulty starter motor is a clicking noise coming from your car when you turn the key. Causes can be faulty batteries, battery cables and terminals, which is why it’s important to get any of those issues fixed to ensure your starter motor keeps running

A Blown Fuse

Fuses are a pivotal part of any electrical system, whether that be at home, or your car. They are important in protecting the wiring and electrical components of your car from receiving too much power, with a little wire in the fuse blowing instead of your components themselves, such as your USB plugs. 

Usually replacing a fuse is simple and often doesn’t cost much at all. However, you might be finding a fuse in your automotive is regularly blowing. This is a sign of something more sinister in your car and is when you should contact an expert like Chamberlain’s Auto Electrics. 

Faulty and loose Wires 

Your automotive has many different wires running through it powering everything from your radio, to your brake lights. If parts of your car aren’t working after you’ve replaced them it’s often a sign that something is wrong with the wiring in your car. 

It is important to diagnose and fix any wiring issues as soon as you identify them, as leaving them can result in the component they power breaking to a stage where it has to be replaced. The cause could be many things including a burnt-out or loose wire.

If you are located in Perth or the surrounding areas and your car, truck, or even earth mover is experiencing any of the above-listed faults, or you are having any other issues then contact Chamberlain’s Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning. We have skilled mobile mechanics that can come to you with diagnostic equipment so we can fix your vehicle’s auto electrical faults, getting you back on the road in no time.

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